Tuesday, March 27, 2012

shopping (yeesh)

some items we looked at at Mobile Fixtures in Mobile, AL. We also picked up an application for a food service construction permit at the Baldwin County Health Dept. (can some one decipher it for us please?), and met with Alan, the roaster, at Carpe Diem in Mobile. We like him his coffee is great, and he gave us the name of a espresso machine tech. Monday was a very full day.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Getting it together

Every thing we go to do can't be done until we get some other thing done. I just know one of these days it'll all come together. So far I've not seen the estiments for the construction of our kitchen. I hope Scott will be ready to catch me when I faint. Right now I am so happy that my car is running great. Just yesterday it would not crank...the salt air had caused corrosion on the connections. They are nice and clean now. But you can only imagine my panic when I thought I would have to have my car in the shop while trying to get things done for the shop.my days are full of pus and downs and my brain is swarming with thoughts. I think we are having fun! Lol

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dancing Cup Cafe exists!

Met with attorney Pete Bridges today to facilitate creation of our business. We are the Dancing Cup Cafe, Inc.

Now we need to get business licenses from city, county, state. Also we must finalize floor plan, get estimates from contractors, submit floor plan to state health inspector, meet with property owner Lex Alderweld (sign lease!), make appt. to meet with roaster/mentor Sandy of Tommer Coffee in Auburn, AL.

And we need to design sign, find out who makes the style we like and get that built. And open a business account at the credit union, start selecting and buying equipment we want (we have some sinks, a coffee thermos,  some pans, and utensils).

We are living the dream! (and I quit at McDonalds, to  hard on me physically).

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My day at city hall

Yes , today I met with Mayor Kennon of Orange Beach to discuss my plans for starting a new business here in this beautiful city. Everyone at city hall was very nice and supportive and had more information than I could process. Most of what I remember was the near $6000 in fees for various permits I will need to apply for. One was for a landscaping permit that is required. On the frontage road I have to have one tree per 35 feet, plus shrubbery. And a usage fee for converting a house to a commercial site. Yes, I really want to buy,not lease. Even after finding out about all the extra fees, I still want the land with a house that is 88 sq. Ft. Too small. Yes, I have to put on a new roof, add on 88 sq. Ft. And landscape.I still want to own. Setting in front of these people, that are normally talking to billionaires about bringing new businesses to their beach town was not as scary as thinking about meeting with them.they made me feel very comfortable. All though the voice in my head was saying over and over, " what are you thinking! You don't have the money for this !" I did pretty good at telling it to, " shut up! I'm busy making these people think I do". And I really think I do . At least I think I have enough to get started. Then the store would have to start paying for itself. I think I can , I think I can , I think I can..... I really want to do this. Tomorrow I call a site engineer to find out what his serves will cost me..... I think I'm having fun now !

Friday, March 2, 2012

Lease or buy ?

I did go look at the unit I could afford to lease and I like the unit that was a little bigger and a little more money. Right next to the road, a end unit so 2 sides were all window ....every nice. But not $800 a month,more like $960 a month. But then there is the land,1.3 acres with a small house on it, in a perfect place for a drive thur window. Might could get the monthly payments down to $1000 a month and it would be mine :) or but it would be mine :( . Not sure which it would be. I'll be talking with the city and the bank this next week.