Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dancing Cup Cafe exists!

Met with attorney Pete Bridges today to facilitate creation of our business. We are the Dancing Cup Cafe, Inc.

Now we need to get business licenses from city, county, state. Also we must finalize floor plan, get estimates from contractors, submit floor plan to state health inspector, meet with property owner Lex Alderweld (sign lease!), make appt. to meet with roaster/mentor Sandy of Tommer Coffee in Auburn, AL.

And we need to design sign, find out who makes the style we like and get that built. And open a business account at the credit union, start selecting and buying equipment we want (we have some sinks, a coffee thermos,  some pans, and utensils).

We are living the dream! (and I quit at McDonalds, to  hard on me physically).


  1. Are you taking the corner unit? I like that there is alot of light in those. Wishing you both prosperity and success and much happiness in your new venture! hugs!

  2. Yea the corner unit is ours. Thanks for your good wishes and encouragement, Sal.