Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Getting close ?

I'm not 100% positive but I think we are getting close to that opening date. I think we have come to that point where it's time to start doing all those last minute things,Telephone, gas hook up , ordering foods, and all the things that I've not thought of yet ! It's time to panic ! We are within 3 weeks of the doors opening. Yes, I am sure I have said this before but this just might be " it" . In so many ways I am not ready but my check book says I need to be ready. It's an exciting and very scary time .

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

We get to do some painting

It felt good to do some physical work in our place. So much of it has been meetings, planning, searching for best priced equipment.
The walls are up, food prep areas almost covered with FRP? shiny white material required by health dept., the other ones Rhonda and I are painting blue.
Rhonda at work in office (with helper kitty cubby)

new floor tile

grout floor tile guy got on wall

our blue that we bought at the "Restore"
Some of the floor tiles are down, that task is turning into a problem. The guy doing it is not a professional, is trying to do it around another full time job, and that is not working out well for anyone. The landlord contracted him to do the job.

Monday, June 11, 2012


OK, this will be the last time I refer to my day as a stone or a diamond. But today was good. My first call today was Vince, our electrician telling me he met with Craig, the fire marshal. They decided I had enough fresh air coming in the building and will not have to buy an intake fan. ,!!!!!! We are so happy ! Also Scott followed a lead on a credit card processing company and it is the best so far. My Father is working on our stand for our prep sink. I met Neil Bush. He is Johna Bush's husband. Johna is one of our future artist. Anyway, he was very positive about our shop and our location. I love positive people ! Today I also finished our menu board. Today was just a good day. Now, with all that said Scott and I road down to the shop tonight to see if the guys remembered to turn the aircondtioner off. The lock box had no keys ! And the back door was unlock. Not sure what happened, but I am sure tomorrow morning someone is going to be unhappy.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Stone soup

Yesterday, Vince, our electrician called and wanted us to walk thur the layout to be sure we had everything the way we wanted it. Fun and exciting, until.... These two guys I don't know walk in the door . They are there to see about hanging the hood for the stove/ oven. Ok, this is good. Before I know what has happened I find myself being bombarded with questions I don't have the answers to. Questions that is easy to tell are leading to me spending lots more money ! I'm ready to quit ! I ordered the hood the city said I needed. A hood that every contractor that sees it and the delivery guys says is the smallest hood they have ever seen . None of them can understand why the city is making me have a fire system with my hood . These comments drive me crazy ! It makes me feel like the city is requiring me to do ridiculous things just to see how much I can deal with. So , I now own the smallest hood system in the world ! A hood system that doesn't have aN intake fan . The city requires an intake fan.....so why don't I have one ? I have the exhaust fan but no intake . Why ? Why ? And how much more is this going to cost me ? I would quit if it made any since at all. I feel all I can do is continue with this money sucking adventure ! Why do I want to cook muffins ? Homemade soup ? Pastas ? I should be happy ordering pre made foods and just reselling them like most all restaurants do. I hope that in a few years I will read this and be laughing all the way to the bank ! Tomorrow we go to our first Chamber class, Chamber 101. they will show us the many ways they can help our business. :)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Some days are diamond some days are stone

I'm not sure what makes the difference between the two. Some days everything makes me crazy. Yesterday the contractors were pouring cement to fill the holes they chiseled out to put the plumbing in. I was a nervous reck ! Today they put up walls. I was so excited , happy , and could see my future. Like I said , I'm not sure what makes one day different from the other, when both are the same. I'm starting to narrow down who I want to buy coffee from. I have picked out a tea supplier. I'm going with Adagio teas. Still not sure who to buy my syrups from or what brand to buy. We have been working with US Foods for our food supplier. Got our first batch of cups and other paper products from cup depot.com . Not 100% sure I can't get a better price but for now they will work. No shipping charge ....that was good. Today we bought mops ! Oh what fun .....buying them was the most fun I'll have with these items . It'll be down hill from this point on ! We also bought paint for our new walls.....from the Restore. Blue....flat...not bad, I'm sure it'll be just fine ! The price was great , $40 for two 5 gal. Buckets. We'll love it ,even though our colors are orange and brown. Picked up a few more chairs from the WaterFront Mission store. Can't wait to see what all this second hand stuff looks like when we get it in place. It's coming together and it feels good. My mother sent me a treasure box of office supplies today . : ) very nice. By the way, my parents have been great! They have helped us so much.I'm sure I would never have gotten into this without their support. Thanks Mom and Dad ! Wonder what tomorrow will bring........diamonds or stones

Friday, June 1, 2012

The Build-out!

J This is unbelievable to me ! I'm doing this .... It's because of me this is happening. I'm paying these people ! WHAT WAS I THINKING.....it's so scary and so exciting. While these guys are working hard building my our new shop I am sending my time trying to make sence of accounting,books and taxes ! Now that's really scary. Ok, these things are scary but the fact that I'm just now learning how they work ......what was I thinking ? ! All will be good . We can do this . We are doing this . It's great.