Monday, August 27, 2012

No time for a hurricane !

Last week was a great week ! Return customers bring in their friends ,bragging on how good we positive and fun. Now it's Monday morning of a new week. The traffic on Canal Road is flowing west only.School has been shut down until Thursday. Only thing for us to do is fill a few bags with sand and read our books. Looks like a week of no income..... Could be worse . Our new shop could get blown away. it seems waiting for a storm is no fun....unless you drink. I guess hurricane parties are big around here. Never will understand why beer is OK and Pot is not. Oh well, guess I'll spend the next few days reading a book as long as there is light. Here's to hurricane Isaac !I mean tropical storm Isaac !

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Write up in the OBA community web blog

Dancing Cup comes to Orange Beach August 12, 2012 - Orange Beach, AL. - Fresh off a 3 & 1/2 month tour of Florida's coasts come Alabama native Rhonda Hill and her partner Scott Van Tine with good food and delicious coffee. After living in Wyoming for a quarter of a century Rhonda has returned to Alabama to open Dancing Cup Cafe, modeled after Main Street Artisans, a successful gallery/cafe she co-owned in Evanston, WY. The Dancing Cup Cafe brews coffee drinks to order, bakes turnovers fresh daily, and offers a classic cafe menu including quiches. Barbara Brasell, Rhonda's mother, has brought into the cafe a large selection of antiques from the Possum Shop, her store in Thomasville, AL. Several Alabama artists works are on display and available for purchase also. Scott Van Tine, a licensed embalmer and former Deputy Coroner in Wyo has polished off the food service skills he developed in his youth when he worked as a Food and Beverage Mngr. in our country's National Parks. Now residing in Orange Beach, Rhonda and Scott are learning to fish the bay and gulf waters, making new friends, and enjoying bicycling to their cafe. So walk, run, or bike to the Dancing Cup Cafe and taste what these two fifty somethings have brought to Orange Beach, AL.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

another look at the Dancing Cup Cafe

A day off

What a beautiful's cooler than it's been in a long time. A great day to be lounging around the house. I stayed in bed until 8:00 and have already had a wonderful nap. We had Jessie and James crash at our house last night, bicyclist on their way to California. This morning we took them to the shop and supplied them with espresso and a few muffins , then sent them on their way to Dolphin Island. It's fun listening about other people's ride and having someone to tell our story to. Now it's time to start planning for next week. Meal planning and emails to send out. Then maybe a dip in the Gulf this afternoon, maybe a little fishing ....... Right now I have two friends who's mother's are very sick. As I enjoy this day my thoughts are with them. Also my thoughts are with my own mother and father that have been so supportive of my ideas and with Scott's mother that also has help us . Love while you can.....enjoy life.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Breakfast AND lunch

Yes, we serve breakfast and lunch. And one day we'll have people in for both breakfast and lunch and that will be a good day. It seems if we have people stop in for breakfast , that's it for the day. Soon we will have our menus and fliers to hand out. We are told everyday that this is the end of " the season ". We are hoping it is the beginning of the season for us. This is not an easy business to be in ! But I still believe the people here will love us soon as they find us. We need to find a way to share our dream. Which is to have the locals think of our place as their place. We want friends to be proud to bring their friends to our place. We want our costumers to be our friends and not just on Facebook. Even though being our friend on Facebook helps too ! I spent the afternoon trying to find my way around the Al. Sales tax forms. What I learned was , I don't have a Baldwin county or Orange Beach tax ID. I thought I did... I also found out that because we were set to open on the 15 th of June , I should have paid taxes ( or at least reported $0 taxes owed) ...but I didn't. So now I have fees that I have to ask to have them removed. I love this part of doing business....not really. We ride our bikes to the O.B. Public pier every morning to enjoy the sun rising over Wolf Bay. Tonight we went for a walk on the beach. ......that's why we are here to enjoy life