Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hard not to panic

Sometimes I forget this is a blog of the creation of a coffee shop. It's not a Facebook page or an advertisement. I can say things here that shouldn't be shared anywhere else. Well, just let me say, I am having a very hard time not panicking. Yesterday , I got the electric bill for the shop.....$414 ! Yesterday, we brought in $50. Today, we brought in $50 . At this rate it will take a full week to pay the electric bill ! So much for Scott and I getting any money. On the bright side, a group of 5 ladies found us on Urbanspoon and had breakfast with us. They were staying over on the beach road and still found their way to Canal Road. They seemed to quite enjoy their food and our place,so maybe they will rate us and send more people our way. Everyone has told us September and October would be slow. They were right. I know it will get better, I know it will. Isn't this what every business owner says right up until the day they close ? We are still enjoying living at the beach, we eat good and have a job ....for now. I did go fishing yesterday.....caught bait fish.

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