Saturday, July 7, 2012

I see the light.

We're so close to that opening date. I'm telling myself we'll be open one week from today. Now I just have to go in and tell everyone else we will be open on Saturday and they ( the construction guys ) need to be out by Wednesday. Scott and Linda Heltzel are helping me become more assertive. I really wish I had started this adventure being assertive, maybe we would be open by now. I know the weather is so humid right now, that to work 12 hours a day in our little coffee shop would be very nice. Next week we will be getting in art and antiques, food orders and permits ! We will be open one week from to day ! We will! Maybe on the side I'll start stress management classes and a consulting business. One more note. The traffic here was so bad the police had a man hand directing traffic even though the lights were working. Vince ( our electrician ) said it took him one hour and twenty minute to drive from Gulf Shores to our place. This drive on a normally busy day takes ten minutes. We're going to do a great business.

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