Saturday, July 14, 2012

there's a fly buzzing in the kitchen

I'm Setting in my favorite chair with a fly buzzing around and ants crawling all over me ,trying not to think about inspections that will take place Monday morning. Did I mention anything about it being just a little humid ? Scott's playing his favorite songs on ROKU and the cat is stretched out on the floor in front of the fan. We took today off to rest up for a full day of cleaning tomorrow. I did go to the shop late this afternoon to work on our chairs .....I put a finish on them and it didn't work out very well. They became very very sticky ! So I had to take the finish off. They are a little better now. We still don't have a mop sink. Jeannette from Oceans Pizza said Barry ( our plumber) was still putting her's in when she was getting their inspection. I guess that's what he's planning to do to me too. Maybe he has a thing for the Health Inspector ! Just kidding. My new, used stove will not be plugged in until Monday morning too. I must say I have not had a dull moment in a very long time. Jeanette also told me today she had 5000 fliers printed and needs to order more . Today I wrote out about a dozen invites to come check out Dancing Cup Cafe. I think I might not be doing it right. Well, there is only one day left of the weekend not that I'm counting. I want to say a few things about this past Friday . The man I found to work on my espresso machine made his long planned visit. I had given him all the info. On all the coffee equipment I have. I told him they were all used and I wanted him to check them out , you know ..just see if they needed new gaskets or cleaning and teach me how to use them. I also ask him to bring a filter for the bracket I had already bought. I had given him all the info on the bracket so he could bring a filter that would fit the bracket I had. He brought a $275 filter ! And not only would it not fit under the cabinet , it also would not fit the bracket I had . Which bring me to another source of aggrivation. The two brackets sold to me by a lady that owns a coffee shop in Mississippi have been out of production for 5 years. There are no filters to fit them ! We found this out after at least 2 hours of investigation. I was charged $187 for .....pretty much nothing. I guess we did learn a little bit about our machine. We also learned they needed to be cleaned. I know next week will be better . I know we will be open by next weekend . I know we will do great running this business. We will ! I know it !

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