Thursday, April 26, 2012

Some days are easy

Today all I have done is answer the phone and make calls. The city of Orange Beach would call me, tell me what they needed, then I called the contractors ,told them and they took care of business. Easy day ! Oh yeah, I had to pick tile for the shop. Both choices were pretty ugly so it was easy. I'm not paying for the flooring so I guess being given any choices is nice. In the retail part of our place there will be rugs to hide the floor and in the kitchen it won't mater. It's just a floor. As long as the health inspector likes it, I like it. Tomorrow Scott and I will be making a trip to Low's for a sink,mixer, and maybe a water heater. Also we will be going by Coffee Headz to see if Kathy has any extra equipment I need. Talked to her on the phone the other day and she said she had enough equipment to supply a whole coffee shop ! Wish I had found her 3 weeks ago ! Things are looking good ! Although we are still unsure where we will be living in the next few months. Oh well, we'll be somewhere.

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