Thursday, June 7, 2012

Stone soup

Yesterday, Vince, our electrician called and wanted us to walk thur the layout to be sure we had everything the way we wanted it. Fun and exciting, until.... These two guys I don't know walk in the door . They are there to see about hanging the hood for the stove/ oven. Ok, this is good. Before I know what has happened I find myself being bombarded with questions I don't have the answers to. Questions that is easy to tell are leading to me spending lots more money ! I'm ready to quit ! I ordered the hood the city said I needed. A hood that every contractor that sees it and the delivery guys says is the smallest hood they have ever seen . None of them can understand why the city is making me have a fire system with my hood . These comments drive me crazy ! It makes me feel like the city is requiring me to do ridiculous things just to see how much I can deal with. So , I now own the smallest hood system in the world ! A hood system that doesn't have aN intake fan . The city requires an intake why don't I have one ? I have the exhaust fan but no intake . Why ? Why ? And how much more is this going to cost me ? I would quit if it made any since at all. I feel all I can do is continue with this money sucking adventure ! Why do I want to cook muffins ? Homemade soup ? Pastas ? I should be happy ordering pre made foods and just reselling them like most all restaurants do. I hope that in a few years I will read this and be laughing all the way to the bank ! Tomorrow we go to our first Chamber class, Chamber 101. they will show us the many ways they can help our business. :)

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