Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Some days are diamond some days are stone

I'm not sure what makes the difference between the two. Some days everything makes me crazy. Yesterday the contractors were pouring cement to fill the holes they chiseled out to put the plumbing in. I was a nervous reck ! Today they put up walls. I was so excited , happy , and could see my future. Like I said , I'm not sure what makes one day different from the other, when both are the same. I'm starting to narrow down who I want to buy coffee from. I have picked out a tea supplier. I'm going with Adagio teas. Still not sure who to buy my syrups from or what brand to buy. We have been working with US Foods for our food supplier. Got our first batch of cups and other paper products from cup depot.com . Not 100% sure I can't get a better price but for now they will work. No shipping charge ....that was good. Today we bought mops ! Oh what fun .....buying them was the most fun I'll have with these items . It'll be down hill from this point on ! We also bought paint for our new walls.....from the Restore. Blue....flat...not bad, I'm sure it'll be just fine ! The price was great , $40 for two 5 gal. Buckets. We'll love it ,even though our colors are orange and brown. Picked up a few more chairs from the WaterFront Mission store. Can't wait to see what all this second hand stuff looks like when we get it in place. It's coming together and it feels good. My mother sent me a treasure box of office supplies today . : ) very nice. By the way, my parents have been great! They have helped us so much.I'm sure I would never have gotten into this without their support. Thanks Mom and Dad ! Wonder what tomorrow will bring........diamonds or stones

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