Monday, June 11, 2012


OK, this will be the last time I refer to my day as a stone or a diamond. But today was good. My first call today was Vince, our electrician telling me he met with Craig, the fire marshal. They decided I had enough fresh air coming in the building and will not have to buy an intake fan. ,!!!!!! We are so happy ! Also Scott followed a lead on a credit card processing company and it is the best so far. My Father is working on our stand for our prep sink. I met Neil Bush. He is Johna Bush's husband. Johna is one of our future artist. Anyway, he was very positive about our shop and our location. I love positive people ! Today I also finished our menu board. Today was just a good day. Now, with all that said Scott and I road down to the shop tonight to see if the guys remembered to turn the aircondtioner off. The lock box had no keys ! And the back door was unlock. Not sure what happened, but I am sure tomorrow morning someone is going to be unhappy.

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